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This is so funny. I loved Star Trek: Generations for the comedy. This guy is Capt. Harriman (played by Allan Ruck) From forcing Worf (played by Michael Dorn) to walk the plank, to these scenes with the original Enterprise crew. It also had a decent story, that did a really good job of incorporating Guinan (played by Whoopi Goldberg). 

I have fond memories of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager. The Movies are all great as far as I am concerned, even years after they were first released I still watch them from time to time.

More about the Movie: (Star Trek: Generations (1994) – IMDb) (Star Trek Generations – Wikipedia)

More about Allan Ruck: (Allan Ruck – IMDb)

More about Guinan: (Guinan | Wikipedia) (Guinan | Memory Alpha). 
More about Whoopi Goldberg: (Whoopi Goldberg – IMDb)

More about Worf: (Worf | Memory Alpha) (Worf | Wikipedia)
More about Michael Dorn: (Michael Dorn – IMDb)

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