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Who am I?

Hi there! My name is Adam Vallee, I live in Northern Ontario, but I am originally from the Niagara Region. I have been on Facebook since 2006, but today (Sept 26, 2021) I have decided to delete my account. I have so many reason why I have made this decision, but the simplest way to explain my decision is to just say that it is time.

I will for the time being keep another profile on Facebook for the sole purpose of having access to Messenger, however my long term goal is to rid myself of Facebook completely. I believe that it is a terrible platform, with terrible people and I felt imprisoned by the negative and deranged posts in what were supposed to be community groups, but in reality were nothing more than echo chambers filled with ignorant individuals unaware of their own cognitive biases and fallacious reasoning. I would get looped in to the nonsensical arguments about subjects that are not up to debate. It really began to negatively effect my mental health, so I have had to take a different approach to save myself from the never ending insanity of trying to help people who don’t want to be helped. It’s much easier to just walk away.

There is so much more to the internet then one social media platform. When I first stated out on the internet I remember having a GeoCities account, I was in the Area51 neighborhood, because my little page was about Star Trek: Voyager at the time. I was obsessed with Harry Kim and Seven of Nine’s potential Romance, It was a different time. I remember playing the Midi files of the Star Trek Voyager theme song on my page, it would play over and over and over.

Yahoo bought GeoCities in 1999, and that was the beginning of the end, I just didn’t realize it at first. I began to explore more, and found many interesting websites. Previously I had only ever used as a search engine, but I found that Yahoo had really good results.

Anyway there is so much more to the store… I will try to make another post, next Sunday.

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